Malden Pops Up, an initiative run by Malden Creates, LLC, is an ongoing venture designed by a small group of Malden artists and cultural leaders with the goal of infusing Malden's available retail space with temporary doses of arts-and-culture experiences and access to local artistry.

Once again this year, we will bring together a temporary Gallery Gift Shop offering gifts, art, music, and experiences to Malden and our neighbors. An array of gifted local creators will provide their offerings to be seen and sold, and performers and presenters will enlighten and entertain, helping us come together to celebrate our connections as humans. Some of the artists and artisans are born and bred on the North Shore, and others have come to live here from across the globe. In this space, local is global.

Please join us November 16 - December 24, 2017 at 480 Main Street in Malden.

The story

In 2016, Malden PopsUp: A Local Marketplace showed Malden the power of community and art. A small group of artists and community leaders pulled together a popup art gallery and gift shop for the holidays. Back by popular demand, the 2017 version of this popup art gallery will exist for a longer time. Though most of the products will be made by local artists and artisans, there will be a few items created in countries such as Uganda and Morocco.

Malden Pops Up: Local Artist Marketplace | Courtesy Neighborhood View | Above video taken during 2016

Want to join the fun

If you are interested in participating in this popup experience, a Gallery Gift Shop...