Nomadik is a key player in the coming Gallery Performance Series. She will be facilitating and hosting the open mic series that will offer emerging artists and performers a platform for their talent. Her expertise at drawing and managing a crowd is well known. And her heart to support artists is obvious. DJ Nomadik has

Grace Julian Murthy

Grace Julian Murthy is an award winning designer and painter in the Greater Boston area. She believes art should be in every place and a part of the every day. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions around the Boston area. She is inventive, hard working, and a pleasure to work with. Grace Julian

The Gallery Performance Series

April 27, 2019 – November 15, 2019 Series of concerts and open mic nights held in Malden venues. In 2019 The Gallery is bringing art, concerts and performances to Malden to continue to enliven our city and build community through the arts. The Gallery is a nonprofit grassroots culture hub, originally residing at 480 Main

Yinh Kiefer

A strategic thinker with a love for the arts, farming, community, and holistic healthcare. Herself a massage therapist, Yinh also plays guitar, sings, writes songs, and has expertise in fundraising and working in the nonprofit sector. Her mind is super valuable as it synthesizes crazy far-out visionary grandiosity so that the next steps are in


Malden Creates, LLC. exists to nourish Malden economically and socially by initiating opportunities for performers and artists to perform or create locally. To businesses, organizations, and individuals, Malden Creates, LLC offers arts and culture consulting and strategic planning. Founded in 2016 by Ose Schwab, Malden Creates does not operate alone. It partners with local groups

Ose Schwab

Ose Schwab is a creative visionary with a deep love for humanity and an appreciation for science and the arts as vital tools in society. She is a committed community member of Malden and loves discovering the human treasure that seems to be clustered in Malden. Ose has experience in the high tech and nonprofit