Spontaneous Call for Artists

Mini Window Exhibition May 1-31, 2019 at 145 Pleasant Street, Malden

Exhibition Proposals due: 4/23/2019

MATV, Malden’s Media Center seeks one or more artists to design a mini one-month exhibition for a window space adjacent to the MATV Studios to be exhibited May 1-31. Artist/s will have the opportunity to transform a small room with windows into their own exhibition for street goers. MATV will provide publicity on social media and a press release. Artists, if available on 5/11, will be featured at the Open House Showcase, 5/11 1-7pm in an interview about artwork.

Exhibition Duration: May 1-31, 2019

Description of Exhibition space

This space, adjacent to the MATV studio offices at 145 Pleasant Street consists of three windows and a glass door with platform inside for three-dimensional objects if needed. Dimension (w x h) of window area:

  • Window 1 (as seen): 49” x 82”
  • Window 2: 10” x 82”
  • Window 3: 38” x 82”
  • Door window: 29” x 74.5”

Submit an exhibition proposal:

Interested artists are welcome to email an exhibition proposal to by 4/23/2019. Final exhibition selection will be made 4/24/2019. The proposal must include

  • Exhibition Proposal Document
    • Name  (if multiple artists participating, include the names)
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Bio (if multiple artists, include bios of all artists)Exhibition Statement (one or more paragraphs describing the artworks or theme of artworks on display)
    • Manner in which the artwork will be hung or displayed
  • Three images of representative art to be exhibited.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call 781-321-6400 and ask for Ose.

Visits to the space are welcome! 145 Pleasant Street, Malden. MATV hours listed on website