Pictures at an Exhibition: A Tribute to Friendships


November 5, 2016
4pm to 6:30pm
at the Jenkins Auditorium
77 Salem Street





This event features art from 19 artists in and around Boston, who have created artworks inspired by the timeless musical tribute to a friend, Pictures at an Exhibition, by Modest Mussorgsky. Though composed in 1874, this piece still speaks to us today. And it is our inspiration, as an example of creatively giving honor to friends.

The event will be a juried show of two-dimensional art which will be displayed at a public performance of the piano work featuring Beriyeva at Jenkins Auditorium in Malden, Massachusetts on Saturday, November 5, 2016. The event will also include a dramatic presentation inspired by the friendship between the two original artists, a special high school art exhibit, and projections of select submissions during the concert.

The event will also offer the public to share their own tributes, postcards with photos, poems, quotes, stories, paintings, drawings, or any other manner of showing appreciation for a current friend of friend from the past.

The exhibit-concert and following art exhibit are intended not only to provide stimulation and inspiration for visual artists in Greater Boston, but also to enhance the enjoyment and understanding of music, visual art and the creative process for the general public.


The original idea for Pictures at an Exhibition: A Tribute to Friendships, a multi-media event and celebration of the connections between the arts, came from the moving story of composer, Modest Mussorgsky, and his artist friend, Viktor Hartmann. Mussorgsky wrote a work for piano as a tribute to Hartmann after the painter’s sudden and untimely death. The composer used the artist’s paintings and the idea of an exhibition of his works to give shape to the music that became known as Pictures at an Exhibition.

This event seeks to continue this creative flow by allowing Mussorgsky’s famous work, as interpreted by concert pianist Yelena Beriyeva, to inspire visual artists in and around the Greater Boston Area. Beriyeva has always loved to play Pictures, and has often imagined a display of artwork as an appropriate complement to a performance of it. The idea sparked a collaboration with Ose Schwab of Malden Creates and Pictures Reframed was born.


This event is best suited for children ten and over. This is because quiet is needed for 45 minutes: during the dramatic presentation and piano performance. The performance will be recorded.